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My burning has a 100% chance to apply on an instant hit with no CD.


Like I said before, you should go read up on our basic skills like flame burst for instance before you pretend to know anything about this class.

Quick somebody ask this question!

Keeping my fingers crossed.
you're forgetting something here that your flame burst has low range of what 15m, it costs 16 heat(same cost as cure). so while you're in range you waste 1gcd to get the dot which will be cured in 4.5secs. even then its not guaranteed you'll proc rail shot assuming its not cool down. i play a assault vanguard(mirror to pyro PT), i can tell you the 100% dot is rather weak its not until we use the incendiary missile which is a much better dot. also merc/commando get a aoe dot which is way better then ours combined.