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Welcome sentients and worldly beings. Descension of the Bastion (an Imperial Guild) will be hosting world PVP on different planets on Saturday evenings. Last Saturday night we raided the Republic base on Section X until we were finally pushed out by a force larger than ours. After regrouping we were able to push the Republic back from Dread Tooth, to their base several times. We plan to go back to Section X, but will try to change up the scenery every couple of weeks. If any Republic guilds would like to coordinate please feel free to contact us in game. My character is Bracus; you may also contact Steaxy, Lowk, or Sinaster. World PVP has been sorely lacking in this game and we look forward to making World PVP a permanent lifestyle on the Bastion.

If you are interested in joining the fight, I would recommend to lower your in game settings to help with the in game lag. At one point we were running 50 vs 50, causing some severe lag. Now its time to suit up and fight.

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