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01.27.2013 , 05:44 PM | #1
EVERY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY!!!!! Descension guild will has started up world PVP!!!

Now for real talk, all the other servers have some events going on but we never ever do! So from now on we will start world PVP Saturday at 7:00pm In Section X (may change who knows what we might raid!). Bring your guild, we don't care if your PVP or PVE come have fun and lag out the server. Just warning before you do this you must (if you don't have a great computer) turn all your settings down to low, and turn off name plates and you wont lagg as much. Lastly I will post a video or two in a few days on this Thread once they get it looking good; any officer of guilds that want to start any other events with us just message my mine - steaxy - in game.

I hope to all republic that was there had just as much fun as we did, and will come out to play every Saturday!

For the Empire!