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Thank you all for taking the time to share a bit of GSF history with me. I'm not going to lie, that sounds like a pretty horrible mechanic. Glad I wasn't around to experience it, I might have given up on GSF for good and might have missed out on hours of fun.
Well the meta was very much built around how good it was. For example the meta was only 3 ships for each mode.

Team Deathmatch was T2 Scout, T1 Gunship and T2 Bombers.

Domination was T2 Scout, T1 Gunship and T1 Bombers.

That was it, those were the only ships played at the top of the meta.

As you'll notice both the T2 Scout and T1 Gunship have access to Distortion field, it was pretty much mandatory to deal with Railguns. The Bombers would closely hug things to Line of Sight and since only Scouts were out their ordanance was far more effective then it is now.

I mean if you for example really like Strikes now yes, you'd have hated that meta. But it was still a fun game, just not as fun as it is now.
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