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Well, they've made efforts to emphasize that you will be able to play your way. Besides sounding like a Burger King commercial, I presume that means expanding on the nature of:
  • earning the new Spoils of War "crates" through pvp activities
  • pvp-sourced tactical item drops, or pvp-only occurrences for the set bonus gear you might want

Musco apparently gave an example in the interview along the lines of, and this was not an actual example, but, say, a tactical item that only dropped during an event, like the Rakghoul event. We don't really know what these tactical items are going to be yet, aside from the directive for us to brainstorm and be crazy with ideas/suggestions. But I could imagine that if someone wanted a specific Tactical item X to benefit them in pvp, that perhaps said Tactical Item X could only drop as a pvp reward, or require certain pvp objectives (like achievements, valor, a currency, a certain # of wins, whatever); or be more likely to occur from pvp activities.

I think that bringing Bolster to the max rating and still having a "gear grind" or gear progression for tactical items or set bonuses you might want for pvp is probably more desirable than a system which mandates pve activies to efficiently/expeditiously get pvp gear. And balancing pvp around utilities, tactical items, and set bonuses seems a reasonable alternative.
I made a post on the pvp forum to this effect, and I am a supporter of this idea.

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hey! tbf, "tactical" items are an improvement. eventually all games progress and items needed for end game go up. I mean it may be more to do, but whos to say itll be hard?

want to hear some serial wishful thinking that I would do if I ran swtor?

a) set wz bolster to 1 tier above nim gear and make set bonuses the only deciding factor. in this case this tactical items would only serve to make cllasses unique and fun. like the skill trees did

or b) tactical item will not work in pvp zones, and/or there will be seperate tactical pvp item that Only work in pvp zones, and in traditional expertise grind design will be far far cheaper and less grindy than pve TI, maybe even built in to expertise sets.

I personaly would go with A, B is more settleing for what is more likely to happen
PS: would you mind either dming me the link to this interview, or posting it? I would very interested in this and I was unable to find it on my own.

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This week's BadFeelingPodcast referenced an interview the devs did for one of the bloggers. I don't have the exact quote, but my recollection is something along the lines of "there's still going to be crates of some kind."