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Yikes. Well, not going to pretty it up, if this is true and they dont make wzs max bolster, it been a fun 5 years (sorta... well 2 years ago it was a fun 3 years) but I'll be gone thats for sure.

grinding pve level of time for equal gear is why this expansion failed for so much of the pvp community. I hope they dont do anything rash... it would be so easy.. wouldnt it bioware.
PvP gear has to be one of the toughest to get right for about any MMO. I remember a few years ago (not THAT may years.. but a few now) WoW screwed up big time. The Rogue was so overpowered it was rediculous. At any rate that is no excuse for not really putting a LOT of added attention to that aspect of this game.

Even though I only do PvE .. I have been envolved in PvP games before (including WoW) .. and know how important it is to any MMO community. If I had to wait an extra few weeks to get my part of the new 6.0 it would be worth it as a whole to see the PvP community come back to life again. I really do understand just how important it is to the overall health of the game as a whole !

Best of luck to those who are holding on to hope with the new release !