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While I do want my high threat abilities to work better, it's not anything to do with maintaining aggro that makes me leave que and go solo flashpoints instead.

Tanks tend to run with friends/guild members for a reason.

You get a lot more bad dps then good ones. Not so much that they can't dps, but they can't follow the simplest rule of 'let the tank lead'.

You want more tanks in que? Get rid of the dps who want to pull the fights.

(I can't understand those dps who pull enemies. When I dps I don't want aggro, and am more than happy to let the tank take the hits.)
I recently had this discussion on an MMO discord channel. People wanting Dev's to take away the need for tanks. Myself and probably 3 or 4 other players that play tanks regularly chimed in that none of us ever pug groups. We said we dont' think the tank shortage is as bad as it appears, more that tanks don't want to play with bad/disrepsectful players which, in my experience is literally 8 out of every ten pugs, and thats being generous. I know and have heard lots of tanks saying they never pug.

Players used to be more respectful than they are now a days.