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I have completed all existing story content on multiple chars, but only now I finally got around to doing KOTFE and other stuff on my JK. Originally I planned to kill Arcann on him, but the more I advance through the story the less I am sure.

On one hand, this IS Star Wars. Good guys are always nice, baddies get redeemed. So I should just let Arcann complete his character's arc and development and let him become good, Plus I like and pity Senya, so... killing her is hard.

But on the other hand... i play my JK as a ruthless self-righteous warrior who shows no mercy to his enemies, and firmly believes that the only good Sith/Imperial is a dead Sith/Imperial (with Lana Beniko being the only exception because, well, it's Lana) Remember Lord Praven? My JK never bothered to try to turn him, he just killed him then and there. Same thing with the guy from Tython - dead. Arcann may not be a Sith, but he is an evil Force User, so same rule applies. The guy waged war against Republic and bombarded planets. He can't possibly deserve any mercy.

Then again, JK himself was once brainwashed by Emperor (who is Arcann's father and responsible for Arcann's being that way)into being evil, and he got better. That can make him sympathetic towards Arcann situation and drive him to help Arcann in turn.

So, yes. as you can see, I am pretty conflicted about this decision. Any thoughts? Ideas?
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