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You mean the way classes were slightly nerfed right when the new augments came out? And oddly the slight improvement new augments gave put people back to where they were before the nerf. And when enough people are in 252/258 gear, Bioware will suddenly discover that classes are slightly overperforming over their projected metrics, classes will be nerfed again, and everything somehow end up exactly the same.
Based on your assumption (which I've already pointed out is flawed) that overperforming isn't the projected metric. Also what's your saying is overly-simplistic. It omits (1) how grindy the new gear is and thus a lot harder to do than getting to 248, and (2) that we're deeper into 5.0 and more nerfing is more unpopular and has less benefits from their point of view and (3) the reasons for the nerfs.
Undo the tank nerf. Find a different way to deal with skank tanks in warzones. The tank nerf really sucks.