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01.18.2019 , 04:28 AM | #28
I pointed out the power creep issue before this expansion was an actual thing, where are the "but NiM gods must require new gear!!" Crowd?

I pointed out the super grindfest not being fun for most people, just to get told grindfests were the only reason people stayed playing in content droughts.

I pointed out the stupidity in scrapping a system that took 2 years to get to work properly for an untested super grindfest that is designed to keep people playing that would in fact chase people off.

This is all exactly how i said it would be before it ever went live, and everyone was saying i was exaggerating or making much ado about nothing. Seriously, where was this uproar before it went live? Theres no chance of massive changes in the near future. Consider how long it took them to get GC to a tolerable level. Musco et al listen to only one thing - your money.