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I don't think Shadow Strike was ever part of the rotation, except maybe in the opener. Double Strike was your main attack that proc'ed your Force Crush aka Squelch.
Shadow Strike was part of the Balance Shadow's rotation, but it was a long time ago. Back in the day when our Force Regeneration was managed through DoTs and our Force Suppression charges. In those days, every time a Force Suppression charge was consumed it returned a small amount of force. Compare that to today's model, where we have a chance every time we swing our lightsaber to be granted a small amount of force. I'd say that the previous design was objectively better because it was intrinsic; there was a synergy between the abilities you used the mechanics behind how the class operates. Compare these two videos:

1.7 force regen:
2.0 (current) force regen:

Sorry for going out on a bit of a tangent. With this I just want to say that I've been around for a long time and I've always had a keen interest for this spec. I'm a bit of a game design aficionado and, to me, the Balance spec was a perfect example of how abilities and mechanics could synergize in order to create compelling gameplay. What Bioware did to the spec in 2.0 was criminal. And because I liked the spec so much I have kept tabs on it over the years, even if it has not been my main spec. Today it might be. I recently returned to the game and I find the spec to be very enjoyable, despite some of its annoying shortcomings.