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Clearly we have a differing understanding of what "can't hold a candle to" means.
Can't hold a candle to = not [to be] equal to someone; unable to measure up to someone.

This is same as not in the league of someone.

Quote: Originally Posted by Beniboybling View Post
And don't lecture us about how Sidious, Luke and Yoda are "MARY SUE" when you seem to be making every attempt to claim that Revan is the same league as them - which quite obviously implies you are overhyping him massively.
I have never stated that Revan is in the "league of untouchables" but my argument is that he is not a fly in comparison to Sidious, Luke and Yoda. Don't subscribe assertions to me that are not mine.

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It's not like Beni, Aurbere, Wolf, Rayla, Sel, I, nor anyone else on this forum has ever countered your arguments numerous times before and in several threads with our own cannonical evidence.
I pay attention to every kind of evidence that comes up in discussions but I tend to put things in perspective.


Plagueis being able to nearly atomize some defenseless individuals with a Force Wave, is not an indication of Plagueis being able to send someone as powerful as Emperor Vitiate packing with the same power as originally suggested by Beni. Adequate explanation given in post # 857 in page 86 of this thread to address this assertion from Beni.

Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
Honestly I really want to say the exact same thing back to you, but you're just plain exhausting. Your child-like name-calling and biased and refusal to admit others can have a different (but valid) opinion about a match up is quite ridiculous.
Excuse me! Whom I have name-called in this discussion? Also, I am not blindly refusing to accept arguments, I don't do this unless I have a reason to assert otherwise and I manage to find ample evidence to support my POV which gets overlooked more often.


A source asserts that Emperor Vitiate was "supremely" powerful in the ways of the Force as a mortal and became even more powerful after his first major transition, making it possible for him to do stuff that is seemingly beyond the capability of mortals which is canonically implied as well.

However, counter-response is that we know that he is powerful but he is still lame, this kind of reaction defeats the purpose of an otherwise meaningful debate and is likely to put me (or any individual) off because the time spent to bring-forth a meaningful argument in the discussion ended up wasted.

Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
We understand how powerful Vitiate is. Beni won't let us freakin not . Honestly he's on your side (OR fanboy and proud to admit it me thinks) but he is rational and sees that there isn't yet enough evidence to place him above the cannonically established most powerful sith.
Doesn't changes the fact he underestimates Emperor Vitiate too much as I found out from his debates and ranking threads.

Also, my discussion is not about who is the most powerful Sith Lord. If an authority decides to explicitly override the position of Sidious as the most powerful Sith Lord, I am sure that Beni and all other Sidious fans would find ways to tag along with this new development and present arguments which would imply this to be the case. Now this would be the most amusing discussion to take place. Star Wars is a constantly expanding mythos and new ground realities take precedence over old ones as per LFL rules.

People tend to overlook weaknesses and shortcomings of Sidious, Luke and Yoda while discussing him. Sidious may summon powers of scale that can destroy entire fleets but still loose in a combative scenario, such is the fragility of stuff in the mythos.

Beni asserts that Sidious surpassed everybody else in every possible manner which is questionable assumption; Sidious may know how to shift his essence from one host to another but he may not be as much proficient and powerful in these matters as Emperor Vitiate is/was. Similarly, Sidious may know a thing or two about Midichlorian Manipulation but he may not be as proficient in this field as Plagueis is/was, and list goes on.

I try to keep an open mind in these matters and acknowledge superior showings from other characters vis--vis Sidious, Luke and Yoda. Of-course, I do believe in the fact that Sidious is talented enough to perform any kind of dark side task but him being able to achieve rank A in all of these tasks is the point open to debate.

Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
Also, Fanboy: a male fan, esp. one who is obsessive about movies, comic books, or science fiction.

Technically we can...
I am no so much obsessed with Star Wars related stuff that my life depends upon it. Sometimes, I don't have a time to respond in a span of days and even months.

Fanboy is a label suitable for those fans who are not objective about stuff they like, rather blindingly crazy and illogical about it.

Quote: Originally Posted by StarSquirrel View Post
In all honesty, we aren't shutting you down, and stopping you from expressing your beliefs, if anything it is the opposite. We acknowledge that Vitiate is powerful and we've got quite a healthy dose of your beliefs, we just don't agree he's better than Sidious. Your evidence was insufficient compared to your opposition, and you lost the debate. It happens....

The fact you continue pushing your point till you get what you want isn't expressing your opinion its trying to get what you want and throwing a fit when you can't get it.
Another "we acknowledge that Vitiate is powerful" line.....I guess this is my turn to use the word "sigh" now or perhaps even a facepalm.

The act of shutting down is to not understand my assertions, disengage from my discussions by labeling me biased, fanboy, delusional and discourage others from having a meaningful discussion with me as well.

I mean, I don't get to see you guys saying to each other like I have a point or something. Never.

Also, my debate isn't about who is the most powerful Sith Lord, I prefer to stay away from this kind of debate because it is useless and lame discussion and some fans have firm beliefs of their own in this respect and authorities themselves are silent on this matter or refuse to give a reasonable answer to end this foolishness. My debate is about correct representation of all characters and I tend to notice that TOR era characters are typically underestimated, more-so then others.

We don't need to debate about merits of Yoda, Luke and Sidious because these individuals have proven credentials but we do need to debate about potential candidates who can give the "the league of untouchables" a run for their money or capable of defeating them in combative situations. I understand that the list of such individuals is small in the grand scheme of things but that list deserves recognition. Peace.
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