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All tier work the same right now:

upon opening a box you are guaranteed one piece of gear depending on your discipline. and a couple other thing we dont really care about really, but schems, companion gift etc. Full list is somewhere, but what is of interest here, is the gear.

Tier 1 : Eternal Commander MK-X

(Replace X by the number here)

1-Green quality, 228 - No set bonus. Entry level not very useful. Mods are crap.
2-Blue quality, 230 - No set bonus the the enhencement are BiS for the tier, altough blue.
3-Purple, 230 - Set bonus! BiS for tier 1, there is no "gold" in T1. Up to now, you'd keep the shells for transfer into 236, but as of April 11th it won't be necessary.
4-Crafted gear, normally somewhat equal to MK-2s. Doesnt drop in crate but figured I'd mention it. All Mk-4 are unmoddable, so earpiece, full armor piece that cannot be modded, implants, relics etc.

Tier 2 Eternal Commander MK-1X

1-Green quality, 232 - No set bonus. its crap mostly slightly better armoring and enhencement wise than 230, but I just disintegrate them for extra cxp, blues aint that hard to get. Mods are crap.
2-Blue quality, 234 - See a pattern? No set bonus, enhencement are correct for 234 (notice I don't say BiS for the tier anymore). Again, keep your 230 purple mods.
3-Purple 234, FIRST set bonus quality for tier 2, it is however NOT BiS for the tier anymore. Mods is the best 234 you can have tough. Don't need to keep the shells since not BiS anymore
4-Still crafted for the tier, move along. again, roughly of the MK-12 quality.
5-First legendary quality item (gold), 236, set bonus BiS for the tier. Keep the shells to convert to BiS of T3.

Tier 3: Iokath MK-X

1-Green quality, 238, no set bonus. Enhencement can provide a minor upgrades, but mostly just desintegrate them for cxp. Mods are crap, and at this point I'd hope you have your set bonus, and its not worth the extra stat, even vs a 230 set bonus piece (or even a 220 set bonus if you're coming from 4.0)
2-Blue Quality, 240. Exact same as T2's blues. for its tier, its worth noting however that as of currently (so before patch 5.2 that is coming) the enhencement are as good as the best enhencements you can craft, which are 240, and as are armoring, considering non set bonus, so I actually used a lot of those in that tier to send to alts till they got theirs. Only had to craft them mods.
3-240 set bonus. Think you get the drill from how T1 and T2 worked.
4-Need I say it?
5-Current BiS till 5.2 drops next week.

Now that said, I think if you pvp or do ops, that bolster works better on purple mods than blues of a similar tier, but its mostly a feeling and I haven't bothered really testing, but I figured it was worth mentionning. Still doesnt stop me from saving on mats by not crafting 240 armorings and enhencement and using those dropped in t3 on all my alts.

Also worth mentionning is, keep components for when 5.2 drop, (again assuming you pvp) since they'll pretty much bump the tier down in cost. Current T1 will not be bought for components anymore, straight to T2, and for the cost of T1, 242 for cost of current 236 and new BiS for current 242 costs.

Now, when you get to a new tier, you don't have a better chance of better gear outside of having changed tier (tier3 only drop tier 3 gear, but its mostly going to be greens and blues, which you'll mostly disintegrate).

You want the best set bonus you can, so mostly you will keep the purple/gold armoring even if you get a "better" rating armoring that is blue or green from the next tier.

Now, dont get discouraged as gold drop are currently very rare. 5.2 will bring a new philosophy that we've been promised will fix that, as the more you progress in a tier, the less green and blues you are supposed to see and the more purple and gold should appear, while right now its a fixed crappy chance at them, so even rank 300 desintegrate most of their boxes. I personnally mostly geared with the pvp components system by upgrading 236 I got in HM ops into 242.

But going to level a new alt won't help you, as set bonus drop depends on your discipline and class. A dps Marauder will not receive the same gear as a DPS juggernaut, and a tank jug won't receive the same set bonus as a dps jug. Its always better to concentrate on your "main" for efficiency sake, altough a lot of us also play some alts for variety sake. Only really invested time in one after my main was in full 242 from way too much raiding and pvp tough.