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You realize that I posted only once after the original post and you were talking to mrphstar?
Nope. I rarely look at the poster name. My phone makes it difficult enough just to post.

And my point still stands - using 2 crit implants and one crit ear in your setup is garbage. You will need to replace them all with Alacrity when 258 offhand comes out. So, with your "alternative" setup you will be not only wasting tons of money on augments, but you are also going to need 3 more 258 pieces.

P.S. You can prove me wrong, if you like. Post a setup with 2 crit implants and 1 crit ear which lets you get to 1859 alacrity. Unless, of course, you meant keeping 248 crit implants/ear and waiting with getting 258 alacrity ones until offhand comes out. I can see that working out but I still don't understand why you would want to run 14 alacrity augments, when with my setup you can prepare a small one-enhancement change while still running near perfect stats right now.
People approach gearing differently. I simply offered another option. If people choose to take offense to it, or become critical or defensive of it, thats their choice to react like that. I gave the option, and nobody has to like it or use it. Some people choose not to do the math themselves.