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Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
The first season of Cartel packs will draw heavily on preexisting armor appearances that haven’t been used for player-wearable equipment thus far. They’ll include some new models, but we did not draw on endgame content appearances for them.
AH.. So what you are saying here is that you are taking all the requests that players had in the thread where they were asking for the different armor models that the NPC's have in the game, and will then be charging us for a chance to get lucky and maybe get a random piece of that gear from a box.

That just sucks. Just as much as the current designs of the tier armor in the game. Is the next round of new armor designs for tier armor going to follow the past trends of looking like crap, so you can force more people to try to buy a random chance for items that should have already been made available in the game?