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09.28.2012 , 02:21 AM | #83
I am coming from a F2P game and the items they were selling would be packed into boxes that had a random chance to drop random items. Usually, the best items, or the best looking items, had the lowest percentage. If the box costs 3$, you would end up spending minimum of 300$ to, maybe, get the item you want.
I knew people who used to spend one car every month. I am not exaggerating.
I, however, used to grind in-game gold and buy it from other players but the number of items I wanted and never got, is countless.
That was the main reason I came here: we all have it the same.

Therefore, I will just say this:
I love this game so much. Every bad thing I read or see, hurts like I am the one who made it, BUT if I see, as an active subscriber, just one (ONE) thing I like and I can't have it - that will be it.

People who think F2P players are those who can't pay sub, are delusional. Only 10%, or even less, will be those who can't. Others will be those who can't compete in a fair play or those who love to rub how much they can give.
There is no reason for you not to play SWToR (or other sub game) if you can give 400$ per month in F2P game. Just think about it.

I do hope this won't happen.