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I am going to refrain from the set bonus conversation in this thread, as it sounds like the set bonuses are heading into being used by like disciplines, and will no longer have class specific buffs on them. I mainly wanted to post some ideas that I have for the Sorc tactical items.

So, from my understanding, each Spec is going to have some amount of tactical items to promote diversity of play, while also updating the way that each spec feels without adding to ability bloat. So, from that understanding I think some multiple of 3 would be the way to go.

For example, if you had three for Lightning, you could have one that increases defensive abilities to promote survival, one that promotes DPS (or in other specs the efficacy of the role) and one that is a happy medium between those.

My specific examples are such:

1. Firstly, I wanted to look at the DPS side of the tactical slots. What I was thinking is something along the lines of this:

Static barrier can no longer be used on friendly targets, and now has a 25 second cooldown. You can now apply your static barrier to an enemy target. Once applied, your next direct damaging ability used on that target will "detonate" the barrier, dealing x amount of damage, and stun normal or weak enemies for 1 second.

My reasoning for this is sort of the "Glass cannon" that I've always seen the sorc as. You would sacrifice one of your stronger defensive abilities for something that could be used in the same way as explosive probe.

2. Secondly, I will take a look at the "Survivable" one, for people that want to live through the fight.

Unnatural preservation 1% more for every 2% of missing health you have, also using UP places a static barrier on you that is irrespective of the current 'Deionized' debuff.

This will give you an "Off-GCD" heal and static barrier, increasing survivability without sacrificing uptime.

3. Lastly, we will look at the "Versatile" one.

Increases the amount of damage absorbed by your Static Barrier by x%. Also, while "deionized" increase the damage dealt by Lightning Bolt, Thundering Blast, Chain Lightning, and Shock by x%.

My thoughts for all of these are simple: as a DPS in PVE content, I feel that Static Barrier is underutilized. Being that it costs a GCD to do, and provides only moderate protection I find myself pushing my DPS to a limit to beat enrage timers with little extra time to use defensives such as SB.

My argument is not that SB is or is not good currently, but that it is hard to justify the cast when boss enrage is on the line. If I was to have a favorite of the three that I have listed, it would be the "Static Barrier as an Explosive Probe" option. There is something alluring to me about being a squishy-burst-god, instead of trying to make sorcs more survivable.
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