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when you get the extra missions, and are finished, you can't qt back, you have to go from dantooines starting point.
The first(1) Beks one is entirely on-site on Dantooine, so you just do it right then and there. For the others, I'd recommend:
* Horizon: grab a Dantooine-sited daily from the terminals, then go off to Alderaan and use the daily to get back.
* Screamers: grab one Dantooine daily and one Tatooine daily, then go off to Mek-Sha. Use the Tatooine daily to get on-site for the Tatooine part, then use the Dantooine daily to get back to Dantooine.

For maximum efficiency once you have enough rep, try this:
* Start on Dantooine (arrive there by whatever means, or end the previous day there on a character that got you part-way to enough rep)
* Do the Beks mission.
* Take the other two, and grab a Tatooine daily and a (different) Dantooine daily.
* Go to Alderaan and do the part there.
* Go to Mek-Sha and do the part there.
* Use the Tatooine daily's QT to get to the Tatooine site.
* Do the Tatooine dailies now that you are on-site.
* Do the Tatooine part of the mission.
* (Optional) Do the Onderon dailies.
* Use the Dantooine daily QT to get on-site on Dantooine
* Do your stuff there.

(1) Since everyone's blocked at part-way through the Friend tier, we don't yet know if there are any more rounds of this stuff at higher rep tiers.
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