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Actually, theory crafters show high alacrity (580+) would perform best on average. Check out the recommended numbers (in 198 gear).
Beware though: Alacrity builds may theoretically be good for dummy parsing and bosses with zero DPS downtime. For everything else don't go more than one alacrity enhancement (maybe two in some specs). That way you're good to go for every fight, not just Bulo and Malaphar :-)

I can't tell you the percentages in 192, but assuming you only use good (unlettered) mods and good enhancements (with low endurance and high secondary stat, i.e. token enhancements), here's what you should aim for:

Secondary Stats (crit vs. power): 230-250 crit, rest power

Tertiary Stats:
7 slots of accuracy
1 slot of alacrity
2 slots of surge
(the ten slots for tertiary stats are: 1 earpiece, 2 implants, 1 enhancement each in helmet, jacket, gloves, trousers, shoes, mainhand, offhand).

This tertiary stat distribution is btw a very good starting point for ALL dps specs in the game. Only level of crit varys. So you could basically simplify dps gearing in that respect *hinthint* ;-)

In 198 you push Crit to 250 and drop one slot of accuracy in favour of surge, so you have:
6 slots of accuracy
1 slot of alacrity
3 slots of surge
In order to push accuracy to the required level you use on accuracy augment instead of mainstat/power.
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