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Hutts are not asexual, they are hermaphrodites.

Asexual = can reproduce 100% alone (normally egg layers, that self fertilize). There is no gender.

Hermaphrodites = have both male and female genitals, therefore they can be the male or female during intercourse, it's completely their and their partners choice who is who. Hermaphrodites still require a pair to reproduce, they cannot impregnate themselves with their own male genitals.
You are indeed correct. My apologies for my previous statement.

I remember reading that Hutts change sex during the process (depending on which is conceiving). They'll either stay that sex, or revert to their previous one, such as the case of Jabba.

Not sure if I'm 100% on that, but yea, I got mixed up in the differences of asexual reproduction and hermaphroditism.