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Just like mezzes, roots, slows and miscellaneous debuffs, hardstuns as well can be cleansed.

Edited: The any cc or debuff with a "type" attached to it should always be cleansable. Hence why, abilities such as carbonize which does not have a "type" associated with the cannot be cleansed.

Some CCs/debuffs sometimes look like they cannot be cleansed because cleanses have no priority system so you might cleanse 2 debuffs when you wanted to cleanse a hardstun etc. MAYBE in a future patch we can get this fixed.
Yes, sadly the "cleanse removes two random things" is beyond annoying. You want to clear a mez and it just takes some slows away.

As for the hardstuns, I always thought they were uncleansable. (Not sure where I got this from.) I'll look into this.

Thanks for the note, appreciated.
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