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08.24.2018 , 12:26 AM | #260
These changes should probably be reverted. How can deception/infiltration damage be cut while our DCD's don't protect us well at all compared to other class DCD's? We can't take a hit, we can barely dish it out and we only get one health bar's worth of up time. If we aren't going to be allowed dcd's that give worthwhile protection or allowed any more than one health bar of up time, then you have to restore our damage or we'll just continue to eat crap and get steamrolled. I highly discourage your approach of balancing this game on paper, but not seeing it through in practice i.e. not doing intensive testing with experienced pvpers who specifically rock out on SWTOR. Leave the dcd's as they are if you must, but it shouldn't be difficult to assign appropriate damage to what is supposed to be the melee glass cannon of the game. Eric and others, I want to be honest: This feels like something you guys ought to have realized on your own if you actually play the game as much as you claim to.