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You call it a nerf, I call it rebalancing and correction. The process is definitely credited to BW, at least the majority. However, what caused it to get to the point of needing a complete rebalancing was the fault of the BW AND the players. In the past, as most MMOs do, they continued to overbuff classes due to player suggestions and requests because their class was lacking equality with other classes or because they "needed" a buff. BW unfortunately went along with it to appease the public, and well, how did that public view turn out? Anyways, now that most classes were overbuffed and every aspect of balance was destroyed, they needed to perform this class rebalance. It was necessary for any balance going forward. Is it perfect? No. Is it ever gonna be perfect? Likely not either.
I don't recall many posters on this forum asking "Buff sin plz" or even "Nerf sin plz".
There has been a huge wave of complaints since the last nerf, but nothing else. In fact, I think the community here has been one of the most silent and calm of all when it comes to class balance, or imbalance in this case. We did point out that there was an over-buffing to some spec, respectively merc, snipers, and a bit of mara.
By no means there was peoples asking to "buff shadow so that we can resist those" or even "nerf shadow, they are too op right now". Shadows were fine, just at the right place.
Don't blame the players for a decision that was made solely by the developpers.
Even on the PTR they don't listen to players anyway, so I doubt that they would have listened to some miracle topic that was asking to "nerf shadow because I don't want to L2P" (Srsly, that's every "nerf Shadow" post ever)

That's just my two cents on the matter
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