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10.18.2020 , 02:38 PM | #12
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TBH my point wasn't really about meaning of terms, but more about OP suggesting, that killing opponents is somehow more PvP-ish than doing objectives (which he just misleadingly calls PvE), despite he clearly said he preffers objective play as well.

I find it disappointing, that current trend of thinking is, that somehow objective play is lesser than the "real" PvP of deathmatching and perhaps sadly it is even the reason, why I currently play forum PvP more than the in-game one.
I feel the same way, objective play is by far the most entertaining part of my PvP experience and diminishing it into something lesser is not great. To his defense I dont think he meant it like that but I do get what you are saying.
I just felt like the whole discussion were derailing into a semantics game. I hate when that happens cause it has a tendency to be designed to just mess with an OP or just to troll in general.