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10.18.2020 , 09:56 AM | #11
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TBH my point wasn't really about meaning of terms, but more about OP suggesting, that killing opponents is somehow more PvP-ish than doing objectives (which he just misleadingly calls PvE), despite he clearly said he preffers objective play as well.

I find it disappointing, that current trend of thinking is, that somehow objective play is lesser than the "real" PvP of deathmatching and perhaps sadly it is even the reason, why I currently play forum PvP more than the in-game one.
I didn't say I preffered objective play, what im saying is in most games recently in warzones 8/10 people do not follow the objectives to win but are blinded by full pvp by just going after the enemy players instead of objectives, what I'm trying to say is that they should make simply plane pvp fights like a 8v8 death match where theres no door opening or turret capture, as most games people do not seem to go after the objectives and just blindly charge to enemy players, thats what im trying to say. so idm if playing objective or not, what im saying is it gets annoying being on teams who ignore objectives and just charge to attack enemy players in which makes us loose, so its best they make a 8v8 team death match or free for all