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If it makes you feel better, I hate robes, both on male and female characters as well for the exact same reason, it's impractical to fight, capes, hoods and masks too.

But i'm also really tired of seeing female PCs and companions runing around half naked even on snowy planets, that looks seriously ridiculous.
I also don't like when you have a nice set on male that has a different version showing much more skin on female. But it's not only in this game. Monster Hunter has the same problem, male armors look mainly cool, but nearly all the female versions of the same armors show a lot of skin, even on "winter" armor, and clearly there's not much protection with such light armors.

The Ambitious Warrior set is a good example. I'd really use it on my JK, if the female version did not show the belly of the character.
Fair enough. I'm not personally bothered by how other people dress their characters, but I can sympathize. I do feel you on the inconsistent male/female thing. I think this game is pretty good about it sometimes, but there are places where it's blatantly inconsistent like ambitious warrior. Or one that stands out to me, how xoxaan is basically just rags on male, but is a full shirt on female. Like I get they can't do topless female and can do topless male, but it's pretty drastically different coverage even with that in mind.
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