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I like a bit of skin on my characters but I also insist their arse isn't hanging in the breeze (for the most part)

Dancer outfit is a bit too much for me on its own, I would happily use the top or the bottoms as part of another outfit and I frequently do but not as a set.
I'm more or less the same way, though I think for me, part of it's just that the dancer tops were made to go with the bottoms and nothing else is really made to go with those bottoms, so it feels awkward trying to combine it with other things since almost nothing else is even close to the same style.

Like there are a few pieces here and there that combine well for my tastes, like the Sinister Warrior's belt has the hanging down part that is similar in style to that of the dancer tops, which gives some room to combine with a top of your choice and still maintain the hanging down part style with the bottoms. But most stuff, the tops are so non-skimpy, it just ends up looking like my character forgot to put on pants lol.
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