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Same. I hope they never do that but if they do, I would expect equal opportunity for both genders to mutilate their feet in completely impractical heavy combat footwear.
The subtext here always seems to be... "I don't want things that are sexualized in some way," with "impracticality" being given as an excuse.

I mean, the impracticality argument never comes up when we're talking about things like wearing gigantic flimsy robes to take on flamethrowers and blaster fire. But somebody asks for heels (which are impractical to fight in, I'm not arguing that) and suddenly we remember that there are RL rules that must be followed in a space wizards video game. I just wish people would say what they mean instead of hiding behind arguments of convenience. Nothing personal to you, I've just seen this argument trotted out so many times over the years in different games - every time in response to requests for clothing that could be seen as sexualized - and it's a rather tiresome framing.
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