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10.30.2015 , 04:54 PM | #7
I have all 8 classes and 6 more characters for different advanced classes. I've been playing on and off since beta, so all of those were leveled at different times and at different stages of the game.

My first few oldest characters had to do all the quests to level, including planet and side missions. On the newer ones, I mostly just did class, then a lot of flashpoints and PvP and some planet and side quests for additional xp. One good thing about having done them already is that you can skip the ones you don't like and do the ones you like. Of course, xp boosts are very useful.

Leveling with a friend is great if you're doing content you've already seen. My friend and I leveled a few characters just for the fun of it, because we were just chatting and goofing around and it went by pretty fast.