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i m a SWTOR player for along time and i was waiting for a change that will give players the real enjoyment playing as a dark jedi and i can see that the developer have not think of it yet, and i know it is still possible since and 1 of the DLC they change the power of some of the classes. i will like to see that are dark jedi using the dark side for some basic dark power, combine with the power they already have like ( force choke and force lighting and force rage will be like force repulse for the worrier) and for are counselor jedi ( force storm force mind control to make the enemy your slave for 1 of the battle and force slam pick the enemy and slam it to a different enemy) now that will make playing as a dark jedi more fun to play with. i do think it will be a very great and tactic way to have more people playing the game for the future.
Why did you post this in an old dead thread about tank stats?