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Assuming a finite stat pool, you face a zero sum situation with respect to the three secondary defensive statistics. Thus, you stack defense at the expense of stacking either shield or absorb.

The problem with this in the vanguard class is that you waste talents in your skill tree that buff your shield and absorb by adding a percentage of the total. Here are the talents:

Shield Cycler: 2% bonus to shield chance
Ceramic Plating: 4% bonus to absorb
Power Screen: 8% bonus to absorb when fully stacked
Counterattack: 6% bonus to shield chance

Having a low shield chance or absorb means having lower bonuses. This is undeniable regardless of what you may have experienced or what healers may have told you.
This is the wonderful thing about games like this people seem to think there is only one way to do things but there are many different ways of doing things.

My three main defensive stats are:
Defence 28%
Shield Chance 53%
Absorbe is 52, 60 with power screen
26500 hp

I have had no problems doing tfb hm or ec nim.
I like to outright avoid the damage than to mitigate it through the shield.
But this just my opinion and we all know about opinions right