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First of all, no you do not make a ton of cash. This is completly relevant to your server and server economy. Mission skill drops sell for 5k max, on my server. Augments can go from 1k to 15k, depending on type, and quality. 15k is rare. And they don't always sell.
If comparing to wow, its like you go and pick a frost lotus but instead you loot nothing and end up dropping 200g on the ground.

Okay, then you need to be clearer about how Slicing brings no cash (on your server), and I don't think changing crew skills will make a difference since the path to profit with professions comes from selling to players, not selling to vendors.

This is Rift all over. I rolled in a RP server and noticed nothing I put on the AH sold. I took a look... Cloth armor? There were six, three from the same guy. A whole server had six pieces of armor. Obviously cash can not be made like this.

Seems like you should pick a crew skill that complements your play style and make cash by grinding dailies. The good side is that since the things sell so cheap/badly you can buy whatever you want for low prices too, right?

P.S. it's obvious that the profession should be taken as a whole and not in a vacuum. If we still sold missions for a bundle *and* made another bundle from lockboxes it would be insane. In fact, it was, and then it got nerfed. The profit from lockboxes is lowered because it complements what we get from missions. If your GTN does not sustain mission selling then Slicing is no good for you.
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