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To Lord Aposno.

It bothers me to call you a liar because I don't know you. You might be a very unlucky person and it is a very abrasive thing to call someone, but at this point we either need to discuss the fact you are lying, or that you have a terribad luck with missions, or that you rolled in an empty server because what you say does not jive with mine and my friend's experiences.


I started with Slicing. Two friends of mine have as well. We spoke about it as we leveled together. General consensus? From the first time we started sending our companions to do slicing missions we got rewards starting with 100 or so credits.

A pittance, a drop in the bucket, such a small profit. But a profit.

Once... in... a... while... a mission fails, or the lockbox does not cover the cost. This is offset by a wide margin by the times when missions drop. From 500 credits (dumb bike schematics) to epic missions (ranging from 5k to 25k).

And still the lockboxes bring that tiny bit of profit. Miserly, I agree. When you have 700k getting a profit of 200-500 credits is almost nothing. But note, it's an almost nothing for *free*. I can keep on getting that while I RP, while I browse the GTN, while I quest, while I do FPs.

If you missed what I posted above I had 200k at 28, 450k at 33, and at 35 I now have 815k with two epic missions yet to sell.

I posted I was going to reach 1 mill by level 40 but at this rate I will overshoot that goal completely.

It is my first character so I have no idea. Is 815k much for a first character at level 35 or about right?

I could definitively say the same about you. My findings are the same for me and my brother in law who plays on my server. They are the same results for every slicer I have spoken to in my guild. from my experience slicing has been nerfed to the ground. Your results seem as a fantasy to me. From my experience I can not fathom how you earned so much from slicing. Even the luckiest slicers in my guild have no where near that success. Every in game person has had varying experiences, but the consensus is that slicing is no longer profitable. If you read throughout the thread you will notice many people claim to have made a profit, while others are reporting their losses. I expect half the people claiming that they are making so much money are lying because these are the same people that cried nerf when slicing was a magic money machine.

I am neither lying nor falsifying data. I am merely making a post so the devs can take another look at slicing and correct the knee jerk over-nerfing they did to the profession. From my own experiences I can not see how slicing is remotely profitable. In this situation I will believe my own experiences to what you have stated as your results. They seem utterly impossible in the post-nerf world of slicing. I hope you are not lying in order to nerf slicing again.

I run the bountiful or Rich lockbox missions. My results have been posted, I stand by my posts. Believe what you will.
Lord Aposno