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Bug Hunts were full, in multiple groups, every single double XP week. I've never seen a Bug Hunt group happen without double XP being in effect. Since the changes were made at the same time that double XP went live, how do you reason that tons of players would suddenly start using it without double XP?

Making a change without telling anyone is not, in any way, a form of communication. If the state that you lived in changed a law to force you to renew the registration on your car every month, but didn't tell you about it, and showed up six months later while you were at work and just took your "unregistered" car away, how would you feel? Like the state effectively communicated the change in the law by taking you car?
Ever heard the famous saying, "its easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission"? Its true in many facets of life. This change is a perfect example. They addressed the change after the fact, but its not as though it wouldve been overlooked, and telling someone ahead of time wouldnt have changed anything anyways, so there really was no need. Ask yourself - would you have respected them more for telling you, or would you still be crying about the change? Anyone can see your passion is far more about the change itself than the way it came about. They would've gained nothing by alerting players of the change prior to its release. Thats obvious.