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There's no abuse. It's as if the devs suddenly decide after 3-ish years that we are using the Double XP event TOO efficiently...?

The only thing I can think of is that they wanted to nerf "account sellers." But I'm not sure there's much of a market for that these days with out dwindled player numbers.
Thats poor logic. There are only a finite number of hours in the day the NEW devs can work on creating new content, learning the old, poorly written code, and foxing bugs or features they dont feel belong in their game. Just because something was put into the game in the past by different devs, who had a different goal and/or vision, doesnt mean the devs that follow will feel the same way. See conquest, see companions, see content updates, etc etc. None of those changes happened on day 1 of the new devs being hired. It takes resources to make changes, and there are different challenges based on the change that is being planned. Personally, i think 6.0 is their "baby" as they have had a chance to really fix and hone a lot of the systems that they didnt agree with, and now it will be their big chapter that they have had substantial time to truly develop with the different systems in place that they intended. Some players are just unwilling to understand that the devs made the change because they felt it was a needed change, and had the means/resources to do it at this time. It still doesnt prevent any of the players from achieving the ultimate goal of getting to level 70, though.