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It would be awesome if there was some sort of huttball league.
This is the strangest thing. Bioware makes up a sporting event for Star Wars, it becomes incredibly popular, they add team gear so people can even wear the team colours when playing ... yet they ignore hundreds upon hundreds of requests for more Huttball maps and then add ranked arenas into to the game for people who ONLY like playing arena. Hell they even stick arena into warzone queues when a massive chunk of the population hates arena,

Playerbase: "We would like more huttball! We would like more meaningful galactic pvp that fits into the overall story of the game!"

Bioware: "Here you go: Arena! It has nothing to do with what you asked for or anything to do with the galactic conflict and many of you are screaming to NEVER add arena into the game because of the history of balance and community segregation it causes which we verbally reflected when we launched the game promising never to add it ... but WHATEVER HAHAHAHAHA ... 'ere ya go beeeeeches! Oh ya, we are adding it to the normal rotation so you get to play huttball fewer times than ever before!"

Funny how the above poster hates voidstar and hypergate. 2 of my favs along with huttball. My least fav is Alderaan due to it's design but have had many a good game there too.