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11.14.2019 , 10:17 AM | #9746
Just want to share a personal pet peeve :
Kolto station spams in vet fps. I get it , most people are used to run vet fps with no healers as squishie dpses, hence are used to spam the station frenetically at every occasion.

But when you have an healer, and even better, a tank, can you let them do their jobs ? AND DO YOURS, which is DPSing. We are there to test our gear , our roles, practice in group content, and hopefully get better.

Tanks dont need squishies that jump in front of them, as healers don't need MELEE dps to STOP DPSING to go run and hit the kolto station because they lost 5% health.

I know a lot of healers that are very frustrated by that and either stop queueing for vets, or just tag along looking pretty, because, meh. What is the point lol.