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Now I get why this expansion is called Onslaught, because it's an Onslaught of Noobs... I don't mean "new players", I mean clueless people with no desire to learn...
This made me laugh And yeah, I agree. I've only pugged random MM FP twice after 6.0 launched, when most guildies were busy doing something else. First one was MM HS, so I quit immediately. I don't do that s**t with randoms, because it's boring enough without someone accidentally pulling extra mobs, or dying to stupid, which usually happens when people who are bad enough to queue only HS.

Second one was Directive 7. We had one dps pug (or so we thought). It was a lvl 70 focus guardian in 234 tank gear. so everything died really slowly. He also watched all cutscenes and stayed behind to scavenge every droid we killed... But he obviously knew the mechanics and didn't do anything stupid, so we didn't kick him (we had a premade of 3 with this one pug). Everything just took a lot longer than it should have. We would have done 4x Red Reaper within the same amount of time with a companion...

So let's put it this way, I'll try to stay as far from pugging anything in GF, unless I really really have to for some reason (that I can't think right now). It's just not worth all the waste of time and frustration I get from it.