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11.06.2019 , 09:14 AM | #9744
Horrors from group finder/FPs with randoms:

Back in 1.0, when there were no GF. I ended up in Mandalorian raiders while leveling. Got a group and went to dungeon. I had 2 teammates, Powertech, and Mercenary. I was Marauder. And I dont remember which class was healer. PT and Merc was irl friends. I thought PT would tank. But no. Noone was tanking. When we wiped few times on first boss, I was told by Mercenary that he is Mercenary tank, and that Mercenary is unofficial tanking class, and that when they playing with PT together, Merc always tanking, and thats ok and they are in their right. Well, I dont think I need to explain how hard I laughed irl, and then just said goodbuy to them and left.