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i'm too lazy and stupid and don't have enough patience to sit around and look up math equations based upon a video game. So can you please explain to me why an ability like demolition round now crits for over 5k when before 1.2 it at the most was hitting for a 3k crit. I'm talking about on an under-geared player. On a geared player it was critting for 2k to 2.5. From what I read in your other posts that doesn't seem like a 1% increase. I'm not a mathematician but those numbers don't quite seem accurate to me. Mind explaining? It's the same thing with back blast, I play a scoundel I could hit a 3k crit at the most. Now i'm doing around 4k....
i think u quoted the wrong person......i wasnt the guy with the numbers. i will agree it seems we are all a bit crunchier but i have just adjusted and it seems normal now, so i dunno just adapt and youll forget what it used to be like.

"most games fail these days because they are theme parks. tps have no depth. you play through the story and you are done. though swg had no quests strangely enough in 2-3 years i never had nothing to do. sandboxes are real mmos. "