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This was not meant to turn into a flame post but anyway. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching marauders and juggy's sniper roll across the floor that one is funny (not around much any more). Watching a char with out a self healing ability heal them selves from under 1k health to max health instantly is also hilarious. And the ability to go from the end zone to the center stand and back in under 10 seconds is my all time fav.

And yes if you can explain to poor little noobie me how these are not hacks feel free. But the point is they are hacks and people use them and it takes the enjoyment out of getting killed by people that actually know how to play.
I really don't care about getting beat/losing/dying in WZ's that's what they are there for, it's the people that have to win at any cost to boost their own ego that ruin this and any other game they play for the people that don't need that false sense of accomplishment.
Jugg - Endure pain, enraged defense (healing abilities.) Intercede (friendly leap) Leap, push (resets leap), leap. I can easily cross the huttball map in a matter of seconds on my jugg/guardian.

Sniper - covered escape, operative exfiltrate (both rolls)

Mara - I think you're confusing leap with roll lawl. Also, predation gives them and the rest of the team a speed buff.

You need to sit down and learn class abilities/animations before you start screaming haxorz.