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As I said in the "Feedback on 242 gear limit" I know that the gear limit is not a 100% guarantee that you get good people as gear is really irrelevant in the game now due to Bolster. HOWEVER casual players are not exactly bothering to get 248 gear (not even 242 avg) so that means if the limit is set the casuals just wont get it. Sure, some bad ppl will eventually get rank 300 and start getting 246 and will be over 242 but its still a good way to ensure you get "raiders" or at least people with some idea into the FPS.
You are probably right, a lot of players would be simply locked out of the FPs. But among them would also be a lot of players that aren't that bad or with a few pointers are well able to run the content without much problems.

I would prefer a method which makes a broader audience fit for the FPs. There are few enough running HC FPs currently, no need to diminish their numbers even further. Better bring something into the game to prepare more players for this sort of (group) content.

As a side node very few raiders I know are even interested in flashpoints at all, as those don't really pose a challenge or are for groups too small. Since the nerf of the decoration drops, there just isn't much of interest in there, if anything at all. Except for maybe farming CXP in Hammerstation.
And don't forget you are able to get 242 gear running only KP and EV, which are not hard to play at all. Even for casuals (casual in terms of interest into the game mechanics and rotations, not time spent) .
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