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The question stands before you, as a knight of the order to uphold the code. To help the helpless, and defend the defenseless. It is not about strength, it is about peace.

The lightsaber is the symbol of our order. Though there are many who may have some level of force ability, it is not the same as a trained jedi. Generations of force users have passed these halls before you, and make no mistake, there will be many after you as well.

What separates the jedi from many others who have some measure of ability, as force sensitives, is knowledge of the force. It is also the path to learn to tune a lightsaber to focus its ability, to strengthen your connection to the path set before you. This in part determines your reality.

Through the force you will learn to see the ability that is a part of yourself. It is not only a light in the darkness, it is something created from the existence of all life. all things have a place in time, and a destiny of there own. This is only one truth that you are a part of also...