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While I agree about NCSoft (p2w and bot infested, buggy unbalanced games)...looking at the state of SWTOR for the last year only...I'd say they are better than EA at properly piloting a MMO as far as content support goes. It is worse than that statement actually...even old and lot less popular MMOs put more content than what we had for 2017 here.
EA's problem is that they are only interested in the almighty dollar. They don't make games for the sake of the players, or the art, or the industry in general. Their only purpose is to assimilate smaller companies and to make money - they are like the Borg of the gaming industry. Their greed has led to a lot of bad decisions based on money to the detriment of game development and players, as we all know too well, and the principal reason why they have such a bad reputation.

NCSoft, on the other hand, goes a step further. As greedy as EA can be, they have never resorted to "stealing" an IP. NCSoft did this with a game called "Tabula Rasa". You can Google/Wiki it if you want to read the sordid details, but basically, they liquidated the game designer's (Richard Garriott) stock options while he was in quarantine from space travel with Russian cosmonauts. NCSoft claimed he had quit when in reality, he hadn't, but couldn't refute that because he was in quarantine. The resulting litigation (which Garriott won in the amount of $28 million) forced NCSoft to close the servers, and the players were SoL. Regardless of how much more content NCSoft games might deliver, EA has never pulled a stunt like that to my knowledge.

So yeah, NCSoft is far worse than EA, imo.
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