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I'm posting here because it pertains to the state of Group FInder Operations.

I never thought I'd post one of these. Until I started typing this. I was a founding member. I played with a level cap of 50. I played with comps that needed gear to perform. I played with comps that were role locked, making things difficult for some classes. Through Hutt Cartel, Shadows of Revan, KOTFE/ET... I was there through it all. I didn't have to buy Shroud of Memory, it was a gift for my subscription throughout the necessary period. I never thought I'd post a message like this. Until I did.

In the Ops Window, it said Eternity Vault. Wonderful. A chance to get back into the swing of GF Ops with something ... well, that's SUPPOSED to be nice and easy. But not so fast. No GF reward without picking "all three." All three what? I kept asking, what the heck does that mean, unless you pick all three?

The raid leader told me to click the filter button. Along with Eternity Vault were two super-heavy-mechanics fights, Hive Queen and Monolith. When we queue, it's pure RNG what we get. We got Hive Queen. Not everyone knew mechanics. Queen redecorated her lair with our remains. We end up walking into EV, we finish, no GF reward. I lost every roll for whatever we got to roll on, and whatever dropped for me in personal loot was crap.

Maybe deconstruct will give me something useful? Nope. Jawa scrap is worthless now. Utterly worthless. If you have THIRTY FREAKING THOUSAND you can buy 100 units of a grade eleven crafting mat. Whoop-de-farkin'-do. Not to mention crafting is borked out the wazoo, but that's another story.

So, my beloved GF Ops is busted. It does squat for me now. It's fallen victim to the dreaded evil RNG gods.

I never thought I would post this. Until I did.

This is the final straw. Time to unsub. What I'll do to pass the time now, with MMO's in general being almost a dying breed, I dunno.

I've missed almost an entire WoW expansion. I'd have to start FF14 from the absolute beginning. I am not a fan of the Elder Scrolls series and know not a bit of its lore. I have nowhere to go MMO-wise. Thanks, Biostink. But we should all "Keep on buying more and more CARTEL PACKS so you can stroke your (sticks - st +d) ever more briskly," right? WRONG.

And no, all of you people reading this cannot haz my stuff. Let it rot in the bowels of cyberspace. Not that any of it is still useful, anyway.
OP, in the current gearing meta. ops ARE NOT the best way to go for gear. Flashpoints, on all modes are. Hammer for non-stealhers and Red Reaper for Agents and SI. With RNG vendor as a bonus. And yes, making GF bonus for selecting all ops was a colossal mistake, whoever came up with that doesn't understand anything about ops...
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