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Operative/Scoundrel is your best pvp class right now. Forget sith sorcerer or trooper.

You can watch the whole clip of you can skip to 8:03-8:10 where he killed some poor guy WITHIN A STUN...


I had especially good time last night trying to do my daily on my 47 HEAVY ARMOUR bounty hunter (powertech) repeatedly for a period of 4 hours, facing a non too competent 50 scoundrel that repeatedly kills me (I admit it) and everyone else while suffering ZERO death.

I mean at least this guy in youtube put himself out there, but what can you do when some one camp your spawn point and killing you within 7 seconds IN A STUN.

Sure, I can trinket the stun and run away with 50% hp by putting my stun on him... but he'll just follow me after in stealth to repeat the same thing again.

Its one thing to have high burst dmg, its quite another to do it on people when they are STUNNED.

So new comer, roll an operative/scoundrel. It require no skills to win.
heh, you obviously havn't fought against an imperial sniper we can do that in 5 seconds
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