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So with KotFE comps got a major buff. With todays patch they nerfed them some, but they say the intention is for them to be more useful than 4.0. I thought they were OP in 4.0 with the ~1500 presence my main has. I found KotFE to be extremely boring in combat because there was absolutely no challenge, on a scale of 0 to 10 the challenge in KotFE was -9000. Now many players like that, which is fine, but also many don't. How about a way for users to turn off their presence and essentially self nerf their companions. In the past we could do this somewhat by under-gearing or using naked companions.

I think this is something that would be pretty easy to add and I'd like to see it considered. Thanks for listening.
although i disagree and believe that the companions where fine(and the fact that there are more pressing **** to deal with than just the comp) you are probaly one of the very few who actually gave some sort of suggestion as to how to change the companions, so much respect for that m8.

Now i think that system should be implemented, but instead of turning it off, having the option of adjusting it in order to fit your "challenge" needs. if its too much for you to handle then you tweek it to fit your playstyle and challenge desires. But nerfing them all the way and making them more useless than pre 4.0. thats just a result of people saying comps too strong plz nerf without any suggestions, its complaining for complaining sake because gamers will never be satisfied with anything, which is why so many games die out or simply become less popular, because they want to appeal to a minority rahter than the masses, which is a common problem in the gaming community