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To the OP. Cry some more. And when you're done, go look over the abilities your striker has that every scout pilot is drooling about. You have harder hitting weapons, better shields, comparable turning if you spec for it.

The baseline scout is a snub fighter who specializes in recon and ambush, if you die to a blackbolt or a novadive its entirely your fault, especially in a striker. They're on your 6? Start weaving, power shields, be ready to hit engine maneuvers to evade our crappy missiles which you could absorb with you shield anyways. Got hit with a sab probe? What were you doing for the 5 seconds that I was locking that on to you? While you're at it, pick up a companions that can blow out 40% of a targets engine pool then power your own engines and bugger out, the scout won't catch you going 40% slower and with 40% less power. Want to give a scout pilot heart attacks? Start locking missiles on them and then just hold it there and watch them waste their defensive abilities. When they are out, re lock and blow them up with one missile. See them pop distortion? quit shoting, you're not gonna hit. It only lasts 3 seconds anyways. And evasion does nothing to counter missiles so if you really hate scouts get some cluster missiles, upgrade them, and take out scouts with 2 2 second locks. Here is another pro-tip, get in close before firing your missile if you actually intend to fire. It gives them less room to run and less time to pop an engine ability. Basically L2P.

Same deal against the more advanced scout except these have more DCD's and more punch. Thing is though, you can still evade them for quite a while. I suggest you look up some classic dogfighting maneuvers and practice pulling them without engine abilities. For example, learn to barrel roll. If you roll to the side while also making a slow circle in the middle of your screen with the cursor you will do a corkscrew which makes you very hard to hit from the front. Increase the radius of the corkscrew if attacked from the rear. If you have a wingman, have him shut off his engine, boost by him, then slow down yourself and power shields. If he's any good he'll blow that scout off your arse in a hurry. Another thing you can do is learn to hump obstacles, power your shields and get into some tight quarters, a good scout will keep pace but trying to line up a shot is a nightmare while flying around node C in lost shipyards for example.

GSF is arguably the most balanced content ever released in SWTOR. Level doesn't matter, gear doesn't matter, latency/team composition doesn't matter, there are almost no bugs and no "I win" skills. The only things that matter are 1) you skill as a pilot 2) Your coordination as a member of a team 3) Your spacial awareness 4) Your time invested into your ship(s) of choice. Anyone can get good at GSF by putting in some effort and using their head. So FFS sake quit crying for nerfs, this isn't warzones, this isn't based on clicked abilities and you can't nerf skill so learn to play and quit crying on the forums.
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