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I usually average around 30-40k damage done and around 8-16 kills in my strike with an average of 50% accuracy. The problem is the Evasion stat. Passive Evasion=34%+ 30% during retro thrusters which can be used quite often 64% chance to miss even if dead on, 34%+15% from companion ability once every minute for 15 seconds makes 49% chance to miss even if dead on add the 30% in from when retro thrusters are used to break missle locks instead of LOS and that's a 79% chance to miss. Of course every 30 Second the target becomes immune to all forms of attack, and can decide to out range the entire group for any time when these things are not up.
there are passives that boost accuracy there are companions with both passive accuracy boosts and accuracy cooldowns. USE THEM

Oh there are companions that reduce target's maneuverability by 20% for 20 seconds, now that's a I WIN against a scout.

Otherwise than your no better than the guys in ground pvp saying tanks need to be nerfed because they (dps) are entitled to kill everything they target.

Also strikes have this crazy BS known has one-shotting peoples shields and draining engine power at the same time with IC, and then two shotting my hull with quads. Seriously every scout lives in terror of being one or two shotted at any given time. Did I mention that concussion missile frigging ignore shields and go straight to my hull? And PTorps are a one-shot kill on a scout.

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