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I wish people would get the point of this list: Itís a list for maximum influence from companion gifts, not moderate or small influence gain but the maximum (aka largest) influence points. To continual point out that courting gifts give influence when they donít gain the maximum is confusing to people who look at this list. The title of the list is Gift ďLOVEĒ List not hereís minimum and moderate influence gains. Honestly anything below Large Influence Gain is a waste anyway.
Fair point, but it's still wrong to say that they give no points at all on romanced companions. (That's all I was saying.) Vette always got *some* points from them, and still does, except that she only gets those "some" points, and not the "romanced companion" boost.

We do get Courting gifts, sometimes random, sometimes deterministic, from various sources(1), so noting the non-zero nature of certain companions is a good thing. It allows people who *have* those companions to make a better-informed decision about how to dispose of those Courting gifts. (Choose between destroy, vendor, GTN, give)

I guess there are two versions of this list: one organised by companion (which gift types are best per companion) and one organised by gift type (which companions are best per gift type). Courting gifts won't appear on the first version because they aren't best for anyone (? maybe, what about Nico?), but they will appear on the second.

(1) Random: Alliance crates, crew skill missions, occasional drops from killed foes. Deterministic: mostly companion love letters.
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